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If you have an email saying your order is ready for pickup and you have had your Covid test results come back negative:

The Bookstore, Student Mailroom and Campus Store are closed December 24th 2020 through January 1st 2021.

Winter Book Orders Will Start shipping out the week of November 30th. Spring Credit Card Orders will ship out as availability permits. Spring Student Account Orders Ship out after January 1st.

You can schedule an appointment to get your textbooks at or on the Get Mobile App. To do so, go to your account and put in an order through Textbook Center #1.

If you are an on campus student and receive a package and email saying it is ready, you can use the Get App or the Get site to schedule a package pick up with an order for Mailroom #1.

Due to social distancing guidelines we are restricted on the number of students that can be in the hallway at any given time.  If there is not an empty “SOCIAL DISTANCING CIRCLE” please do not stop and try again later.

We apogize for the inconvenience.


College Association Bookstore

Please Note: We are shipping orders without issues, within 48 hours, we will call or email the number on your order if there is an issue. If you order an access code, we will email it to you, so you do not have to come up to the window.

  • Campus Store Gift Cards
  • Pop Vinyl Dolls
  • Yankee and WoodWick Candles
  • Clothing by popular manufacturers
  • Backpacks and bookbags by Under Armour
  • Course supplies
  • Gifts, pottery, and glassware
  • TY
  • Convenient mart items - hot and cold beverages, snacks, health and beauty aids, domestics and more
  • Vera Bradley products
  • Balloon bouquets
  • Resident room items such as posters and carpet remnants
  • Tech items - computer accessories, gaming systems, gaming system accessories, TVs, and more!

The Textbook Center, across the hall from the Campus Center Store, sells course required textbooks - new or used, lab manuals and other required materials.